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Forresters Dry Cleaners

At Forresters we use our expertise to inspect every garment prior to dry cleaning and try to remove both general and more complicated stains. Every stain is dealt with by hand prior to dry cleaning.

The age and nature of any stain, combined with the colour and type of fabric, are factors that contribute to the end result. Any heat source, such as ironing, will develop the stain that can result in permanent marking.

Drink spillage, even from clear liquids such as white wine or lemonade, can be sponged away from fabrics and may seem to have disappeared. But the residual sugar content is still present in your garment and over a period of time a yellowish brown stain will appear.

With our skill and attention to detail, Forresters can give you peace of mind and return your garments to you in the best possible condition.
Forresters Dry Cleaners
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